Garbanzo Juggling Entertainment

About Paul "Garbanzo" Hudert

Paul Hudert has performed for crowds all over the US and Europe, he's been a member The Flying Karamazov Brothers, given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Juggling Association, and is the 2007-2008 winner of The International Jester Competition, making him an official Jester of Muncaster Castle. He's the first American in history to be an offical Jester of an English castle!

Paul's professional career started back in college. For six years Paul was the director of The Garbanzo Brothers, a comedy juggling troupe based in Richmond, Virginia. The Garbanzo Brothers traveled up and down the East Coast, performing at such venues as Hershey Park, The Kennedy Center, Baltimore Inner Harbor, and many other events and festivals.

Upon moving to the West Coast in 2001, Paul decided to go solo and started to perform on stage at San Francisco's famous Pier 39, thus joining the ranks of San Francisco's world famous buskers and street performers.

Paul joined The Flying Karamazov Brothers in December 2001, and performed with them as Misha Karamazov for two years before returning to his solo shows.

Paul performs his renaissance shows in The US almost year round, spending most of his summers in Europe at medieval and busker festivals between England, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Italy.

above you can see the smiling faces of one of Paul's typical crowds at King Richard's Faire
Paul took this picture after grabbing a camara from one of the patrons in the audience...

In 2002, Paul started The Accidental Circus a burlesque side-show comedy act involving many of his friends from all over the country. This show takes many shapes and forms, depending on where and when it's being performed.

In the winter of 2003 Paul traveled to Turin, Italy for 6 months to teach juggling and comedy at La Scuola di Formazione Arti Circensi (school for the formation of circus arts) at the Royal Gymnastics Academy in Torino or "FLIC" as it is called. this exciting opportunity to spend half a year in Italy was an amazing treasure trove for Paul's Italian character. 

During 2005 Paul started to perform with long time friend Carl Asch in "The Oops! Comedy Knife Throwing Show", a show full of laughs and and amazing skills. They continue to perform this show at many festivals they attend together.

In June 2007, Paul competed in and won the International Jester Competition at Muncaster Castle, England. Paul is the official Fool of Muncaster (and the Honorary Fool of England) for one year where he performs his duties as Fool at various events at Muncaster including the Month Of Fools in August 2007, April Fool's Day 2008, where he was the King for the Day at a traditional Fool's Feast! (a very special day for Paul now). In June 2008 Paul returned once again to Muncaster to emcee the 2008 Festival of Fools where he handed his bell-encrusted crown over to the next Fool. Much like the Miss America Pagent, Once you become a Fool of Muncaster, you are ALWAYS a Fool of Muncaster.

Paul has started working with fellow performers Jamison the Juggler and Shelli Buttons in a project called The Fools of Fortune, first performing at The Sherwood Forest Faire in 2012.  This high-skilled juggling show is full of amazing technical feats as well as comedy.

Currently juggling 5 torches on the walking globe, Paul's usual grand finale trick involves balancing on the "Ball of Death" and catching flaming torches thrown at him by volunteers! Paul is also an experienced fire eater and unicyclist, as well as a manipulator of many props such as flaming devil sticks, diabolo, but his best tool is his comedy timing and personality. He is experienced at performing stage shows or strolling and interacting with crowds and audiences of all ages. Paul is also an accomplished director of shows and EMCEEs events such as festivals, burlesque and side show events.